New-Generation Flexographic Platemaking Technology

Superb plate quality requires the latest platemaking production technology. At Sharper Image Engraving, we’re continually staying abreast with the latest flexographic platemaking techniques and technology – with significant benefits for our customers:

Unmatched Quality, Versatility and Throughput  Our Merigraph® 5280 Dual Manifold Liquid system and our DuPont Cyrel® 3000 Sheet system are the two premier platemaking systems in use in the industry today. With these advanced systems, we can provide photopolymer plates up to 52” x 80” – enabling Shaper Image Engravers to manufacture the most plates in the shortest amount of time, whether it’s a large display or a multiple-out.

Our Merigraph 5280 Dual Manifold System produces liquid photopolymer flexographic printing plates in a variety of thickness and durometers that can handle virtually any type of flexographic printing.

Our DuPont Cyrel 3000 Sheet System enables us to produce a plate for any type of flexo printing – from brown box to high-end process printing.


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